Monday, October 23, 2006

Bike Project

Well I've been talking to my friend in Cali, I have decided to do a chopper. I'm headed to training soon and as soon as I get into training and get settled I'm ordering my rolling frame and having him powerdercoat it and send the tins off to paint and my friend Akira in Japan. here are a few pics of what my first purchase will be.
Demon Choppers Rigid 240/250 Rolling Frame
42° Degree Rake
4" Stretch on Back Bone
6" Stetch on Single Downtube
10" over Springer Front End
WCC Villain Gas Tank
WCC FU Pipes
WCC or similar 6" Risers
WCC or similar seat pan
WCC Tombstone front fender
I'm particular about my rear fender and the one I want is 800 dollars so I'm hoping to find one cheaper somewhere

The paint sceme I have decided on is a Deep Gloss Red on the frame, and matte black on the tins with red pinstripping done by AFGMoto in Japan, with a custom design on the rear fender. As far as the engine and such I have yet decided what kind or what size I want. Well enjoy I hope to throw some pictures of my own up soon.



Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Army Drill Sergeant

Well I went to go run with my recruiter yesterday, and while I was on the way to the track I got to thinking...

After I go to AIRBORNE School, I would have done everything in the Army that I wanted to do... All within the first 6 months...

Of course there's other things I want to do and expirience like getting my civilian education, getting deployed, breaking down somebodies door and throwing a grenade in there... hahaha, but as far as long term goals (schools) that was it, I'm not really qualified to do Ranger or Sapper, and I don't really care to do Air Assault...

BUT it came to mind to be an Army Drill Sergeant... I had wanted to be an Air Force Training Instructor but I lost motivation and never really got to the rank to be one...

So I got online and asked some questions and found out that after I make Sergeant (E-5) which I'll be shooting to get it within 6 months after my training. So after a year in the Army I can shoot to be a Drill Sergeant, which isn't to hard I heard, the school is tough, they do alot of crazy PT, but all in all I think it will be a great expirience, I will learn alot about how to lead and motivate young people. Which I think will help me out alot with teaching when I get to Japan. I'm really looking forward to it, but I want to learn a bit about the army get a deployment to Iraq, and maybe when I get back from Iraq shoot to try and be a Drill sergeant hopefully if all works out.



Monday, September 25, 2006

AIRBORNE School!!!


Talked to the Recruiter today!!! I'm going to AIRBORNE School at Fort Benning Georgia for 3 weeks after my AIT (MP School).

I'm soooo excited this is the stuff I wanted to do when I got in the Air Force, but because of stupid people... I never had the chance!!!

The Recruiter told me that he will put it in my contract that I go to AIRBORNE School directly after AIT. From there I'm not sure where I will go still, most likely I'll be attatched to an Airborne unit, but still I can be put anywhere!!!

AIRBORNE School at Fort Benning consists of 3 weeks of training:
Ground Week
Tower Week
and Jump Week

There is a website that you all can look at to see what more of the training consists of.

Well I'll keep you all updated on what's going on!!









Tuesday, September 19, 2006

New pic

here's a new pic hahahaha

Knock Knock!!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Army Update!!! Good News!!!!

HEY, went to the recruiter today everything is good but I'm somewhat screwed... my bodyfat% is crazy, my body weight proportion to my height is fine, but my neck is not so big so it's screwing up all the measurements I'm "supposed" to have. So i'm having to fast and workout and wear a sauna belt to drop 3 freaking inches off of my waist!!!

But besides all of that the recruiter is looking for me a date to go to MEPs and he hopes to have me in soon.

Good news though... I'll be shooting for Sergeant (E-5) once I go in!!! Which is pretty kick booty!!! The cool thing I like better than the Air Force is that once you hit E-5 and E-6... you'll still be doing your job hahahaha not like the air force where you can guarantee pushing papers for now on!!

Also I'll probably be deployed 4-5 months after my AIT (MP School).

I'm really looking forward to being deployed this time due to I'll actually be doing a job rather than sitting around playing on the internet!!!

For all to know here is the video of some stuff MP's are doing in Iraq!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Military Police Update

Well I went to the recruiter Monday. Everything is good to go, I just have to lose just a bit more weight and I'll be gold. Once I do that then about 2-3 days later I can go sign up at MEPs, and then about a week or 2 after that I can fly out to start my training at New Mexico and Fort Leonard Wood. 4 weeks in New Mexico and 4 months at Fort Leonard Wood.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

More Artwork

Here are some more pieces I did awhile ago:



















tale tale signs...

here are some more I "just" did:

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Looking Back...

Here is some artwork I created during my first year in Japan.

Each piece had a story behind it...

I hope you enjoy them, I'll search and add more later.

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